Interim Specifications Technologist

Lee Bladon 10:57 am

Retailer Specifications

Interim Specifications Technologist / Writer / Manager

Interim Specifications Technologist

I am an experienced interim specifications technologist, writer and manager, with experience of all the major retailer specification systems (see below for a full list).

I am systematic, methodical, organised, accurate, knowledgeable, focused, efficient, calm, and a good multi-tasker with an eye for detail.

I have a good working knowledge of UK and EU food legislation and food labelling. This knowledge is right up-to-date because I have recently attended training courses in Food Legislation and Food and Drink Labelling at Campden BRI.

Interim Specifications Technologist

Retailer Specification Writing and Artwork Checking

As an experienced interim specifications technologist / writer / manager, I am proficient at:

  • Completing retailer technical specifications on your behalf.
  • Training your employees to use retailer specification systems.
  • Good working knowledge of food legislation and food labelling.
  • Calculating nutrition information from raw material specifications or food tables.
  • Composing accurate and legal ingredient declarations.
  • Interpreting and applying retailer technical policies and UK / EU legislation.
  • Ensuring that product specifications and labels comply with legislation, guidance and customer codes of practice.
  • Reviewing pack copy and artwork to ensuring the information is accurate and legal.
  • Maintaining up-to-date knowledge of UK and EU food legislation.

Retailer Specification Systems Experience

Internal Specifications and Data Management

Writing retailer specifications for finished products is only one part of the job… I am also experienced at writing, checking, managing and collating raw material specifications and in-house manufacturing specifications. These days maintaining technical, quality, food safety, recipe, manufacturing, nutrition and packaging data in an easily accessible way is a job in itself. I usually use spreadsheets to maintain this data because everyone can use them, but I can also work with your IT team to design bespoke databases if required.