Type 1: Reformer

Lee Bladon 10:55 am

Enneatype 1: The Reformer

Perfectionist, Judge, Crusader, Critic, Organiser, Teacher, Moralist, Activist

Key Characteristics of Enneatype 1

Principled, Rational, Wise, Integrity, Idealistic, Respectable, Objective, Fair, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, Discerning, Perfectionist, Conscientious, Ethical, Honest, Organised, Critical, Impatient, Anxious, Dissatisfied, Frustrated.

General Description

Ones attempt to embody the qualities of perfection, purity and completeness, and impose them on others. This gives Ones a very clear sense of (what they consider to be) right and wrong, and they believe that the world would be a better place if everybody lived by their standards. Ones have a sharp eye for imperfection, which is often accompanied by criticality and coercing others into doing things the ‘right way’. Ones resent the ‘fact’ that things are imperfect and they become frustrated when their efforts to improve things are not embraced by others. Ones don’t like chaos or disorder so they are sharp, organised and well-presented.

Enneatype 1

The Three Sub-Types (or variants)

Self-Preservation Ones

  • Can look like Sixes.
  • Independent, self-disciplined, organised and accurate, but can find it hard to relax.
  • Their excessive sense of responsibility (originating from early childhood) makes them prone to worry and anxiety.
  • Foresight, anticipation and control are very important to them.
  • They believe they are imperfect, need to improve themselves and always do the right thing.
  • They come across as warm, decent and kind but have a lot of repressed anger.
  • They would benefit from relaxing, going easy on themselves and allowing more time for pleasure and play.

Sexual Ones

  • Countertype – Can look like Eights.
  • Determined, intense, idealistic crusaders, but can be impulsive and jealous.
  • Unlike other Ones, this countertype doesn’t repress their desires or their anger.
  • They are impatient and assertive, with a sense of entitlement that often results in the explicit expression of anger.
  • They have a strong desire (fuelled by anger) to improve others and make everything how they think it should be.
  • They are driven by a need to reform and perfect others.
  • They would benefit from exploring the deeper motives behind their expressive anger and desire to reform other.

Social Ones

  • Strict but fair advisors, rule-makers and enforcers, but can be stubborn and stern.
  • They believe they are perfect and demonstrate it by being a good example to others.
  • They rigidly believe that their way is the right way (and everyone else is wrong), so often have an unconscious superiority complex.
  • Their anger is only partially repressed, and is expressed in a cold, critical and cutting way.
  • They would benefit from becoming conscious of their need for superiority and be open to learning from others.

Further Information About Enneatype 1

Evolutionary Behaviours
(when safe and relaxed)

  • Ones become more spontaneous, enthusiastic and joyful, like healthy Sevens.
  • Ones become more connected with their deeper emotions, like healthy Fours.
Enneatype 1

Devolutionary Behaviours
(when stressed)

  • Ones become moody and irrational, like unhealthy Fours.
  • Ones become restless and unfocused, like unhealthy Sevens.

Ones with a Nine Wing

Discerning, Wise, Idealistic, Civilised, Conservative, Casual, Natural, Introverted, Reserved, Kind, Generous, Considerate, Solitary, Impatient, Condescending, Uptight, Sarcastic.

Ones with a Two Wing

Compassionate, Personal, Persuasive, Activist, Outgoing, Helpful, Altruistic, Advocate, Cultivated, Fashionable, Unique, Moody, Active, Vocal, Critical.

General Advice for Ones

  • Acknowledge your tendency to hold yourself and others to unrealistic standards.
  • Learn to relax and realise that everything doesn’t depend on you.
  • Be more tolerant, patient and accepting of others.
  • Get in touch with your repressed feelings and impulses.

Core Beliefs & Strategies of Enneatype 1

Lost Essential Quality: Brilliancy (Completeness)

Brilliancy is an aspect of higher intelligence where the understanding is perfect, pure, complete and instant. It is like a brilliant flash of inspiration; hence the name. Brilliancy feels complete in the sense that it is a synthesis of all the other undifferentiated essential qualities.

Mental Ideal (Holy Idea): Pure Perfection

The mind’s sense of the lost essential quality – the inherent purity and perfection of true nature.

Emotional Ideal (Virtue): Serenity

The heart’s sense of the lost essential quality – the serenity that arises from the purity and perfection of true nature.

Core Belief: I am Impure / Imperfect / Bad / Faulty

The loss of the essential quality (brilliancy), the mental ideal (pure perfection) and the emotional ideal (serenity) contribute to the development a core belief of being inherently impure, imperfect, defective or corrupt.

Core Motivation (to disprove the core belief): To be Good / Honest / Pure / Perfect

In an attempt to correct the core belief (being impure) and to reconnect with the essential quality (brilliancy), the mental ideal (pure perfection) and the emotional ideal (serenity), Ones develop a strong desire to be good, honest and perfect. They want to be right and strive to improve everything, and they maintain high standards to avoid being criticised by others.

Mental Strategy (Fixation): Judgement / Condemnation

The ego-mind doesn’t see purity and perfection; it only sees imperfection and how things could be better, which is expressed as judgement/condemnation.

Emotional Strategy (Passion): Frustration / Anger / Resentment

The felt sense of imperfection gives rise to frustration, anger and resentment.

Ego Ideal (what we aspire to be): To be Pure / Perfect / Complete

The ego-ideal (to be Pure/Perfect) is an aspirational idealised idea of ourself that incorporates the lost essential quality (Brilliancy).