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Transformational Coaching

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Transformational Coaching

Are you feeling stuck, lost, unhappy or unfulfilled, and don’t how to move forward? If so, Transformational Coaching can help you to discover your authentic self and live a happier, more fulfilling life. It will take you on a journey towards self-discovery and psychological wellbeing, where the ultimate goal is to enhance every aspect of your life.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both!”

Lee Bladon

How is Transformational Coaching Different?

Coaching is all about helping you to achieve your goal. Transformational coaching is for when your goal is personal growth. It supports you on your journey to becoming a new “you”… a more mature you; a less reactive you; a more confident you; a more resilient you; a more evolved you.
Transformational coaching involves working through your limiting beliefs, deficient feelings and anything else that is holding you back, keeping you stuck, and preventing you from growing. It’s more about the journey (of growth) than the destination (or goal).

  • Break Through Limitations: Transformational coaching isn’t just about setting and achieving goals; it’s about dismantling the barriers that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. By identifying and challenging limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, transformational coaching empowers you to break free from the constraints that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Embrace Personal Growth: Unlike traditional coaching, which often focuses on external achievements, transformational coaching prioritizes internal growth and self-awareness. It encourages you to explore your values, passions, and purpose, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and your aspirations. Through introspection and reflection, you’ll cultivate the mindset and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and clarity.
  • Develop Resilience & Empowerment: Transformational coaching equips you with the tools and strategies to navigate life’s twists and turns with resilience and empowerment. By fostering self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-compassion, you’ll develop the inner strength and confidence to overcome obstacles and thrive in any situation. Rather than simply reacting to life’s circumstances, you’ll learn to respond with intention and authenticity, empowering you to create positive change in your life.
  • Improve Wellbeing: At its essence, transformational coaching is about holistic wellbeing – nurturing not only your professional success but also your personal fulfilment and happiness. By aligning your actions with your values and aspirations, you’ll experience greater satisfaction and fulfilment in every area of your life. From improving relationships and boosting confidence to finding greater joy and purpose, transformational coaching offers a holistic approach to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, career advancement, or simply a deeper sense of fulfilment, transformational coaching offers a life-changing journey by unlocking your full potential. By addressing the root causes of your challenges and empowering you to embrace change with courage and resilience, transformational coaching provides the roadmap for creating the life you truly desire. Embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth, and unlock the limitless possibilities that await you.

Coaching vs Counselling

Coaching and counselling are two different ways of supporting people’s healing and growth. They each have their own focus, goals and methodologies, and some of the key differences and similarities are outlined below:

  • Coaching helps you to move from the present (where you are now) to the future (where you want to be). It is solution-focused because it involves personal and/or professional development to help you to achieve your desired goals. The coaching process helps you to move forward by working through your psychological obstacles, which are typically negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. This can be achieved by re-framing them (seeing things in a different light) or healing the emotional wounds that underlie the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back.
  • Counselling helps you to move from the past (childhood traumas, deficient feelings and limiting beliefs) into the present (your capable, resilient and mature adult self). It’s aim is to free your from unhelpful emotional issues, so it is a problem-centred therapy. The counselling process involves exploring your past experiences, emotions and beliefs to gain insight into, and relief from your current challenges. So, counselling helps you to understand and cope with your emotions, improve your psychological wellbeing, and develop qualities that can help you to better face life’s challenges.

The key differences are that counselling has a more emotional focus, whereas coaching has more of a mental focus. And counselling helps to free you from unhelpful aspects of your past, whereas coaching helps you to move forwards into your desired future. So, both modalities help you to move forward in time, they both involve growth, they both require curiosity and courage, and they both require you to look and feel into what is holding you back.

A typical session with Lee may involve some coaching and some counselling because the modalities overlap, and the human psyche is a tangled web of thoughts and emotions. You’ll get what you need, based upon what your system wants to reveal and heal, so you can grow and thrive.

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I use a range of traditional and complementary modalities, including therapeutic counselling, transformational coaching and energy healing to help people with their wellbeing, emotional healing, mental health, personal growth, spiritual awakening and fertility issues. Note: Holistic therapy sessions in Grantham are offered at a discounted rate to support those in my local community.

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Lee Bladon Holistic Therapies

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Lee Bladon Holistic Therapies

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