BRCGS Auditor

Lee Bladon 9:43 pm

BRCGS Lead Auditor

Internal and External Audits to BRC Food Standard

BRCGS Auditing

I am a trained and certified BRCGS Lead Auditor (and an ISO 9000 Lead Assessor). These qualifications, coupled with years of diverse experience in the food industry mean I am capable of auditing almost any food safety and quality management system in almost any sector or food group.

The BRCGS Food Standard provides a technical framework for food manufacturers to assist them in the production of safe, high quality food that meets customers’ requirements. The BRCGS Food Standard has been carefully developed over many years to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria that are required for a food manufacturer to fulfil its legal compliance and consumer protection obligations. Certification against the BRCGS Food Standard is Globally recognised. 

BRC Auditor

BRCGS Auditor of Food Safety & Quality Management Systems

  • I am a BRCGS trained auditor and ISO 9000 lead assessor who can conduct audits on your behalf or complement your existing auditing team.
  • Completely unbiased, independent and confidential with full audit report including recommended corrective actions.
  • Internal audits: Quality system audits, HACCP audits and verification, Allergen audits, GMP audits, Hygiene audits, etc.
  • External audits: Audits of prospective, new or existing suppliers’ manufacturing facilities and processes.
  • Pre-audits, gap analyses and independent food safety and quality management system reviews.

Trained Lead Auditor

As a BRCGS trained auditor, I understand:

  • The background and benefits of the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety.
  • Audit protocol and how to audit effectively.
  • The fundamental clauses and statements of intent of the BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8.
  • The audit process, the unannounced audit scheme, the scoring system and the certification process.
  • The different levels of non-conformance or non-conformity and their significance to the audit grade.
  • How to close an audit and deal with corrective actions.
  • I can audit to the requirements of the BRCGS Food Standard, to ensure that you are following best practice for food safety and reducing the risk of potentially costly damage to your business and/or brand reputation.