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A Different Approach

Healing isn’t “fixing” because you aren’t broken… healing is simply the processing of our wounds. Right now, parts of you are holding onto unprocessed wounds from your past. Wounding happens when our capacity for processing becomes overwhelmed, which was a common occurrence in our childhood because our consciousness wasn’t developed enough or experienced enough to process challenging, unpleasant or traumatic situations.

So, to protect ourself from overwhelm, the affected part of us tensed up to “freeze” the overwhelming experience and buried deep inside us, often within a shell of fear. These “parts” of us are only energetically “frozen, they are also frozen in time, so they are still the age they were at the time of the overwhelm. Healing is helping these wounded-child parts of ourself to “thaw out” by processing what they couldn’t back then. We do this by bringing our mature, experienced, resilient, capable, adult consciousness in to experience now, what your young self couldn’t back then.

The Holistic Approach

“Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you as a result of what happens to you.”

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

Everything you are looking for, be it emotional healing, mental wellbeing, personal growth or self-realisation, is within your own consciousness. But it us usually so deeply buried that you need help finding, feeling, accepting, loving and embodying it. It has been there all along, but you’ve probably been too busy looking “out there” to even think about looking “in here”. And when you do eventually get around to looking inside, you don’t really know what to do? I know I didn’t, when I started out all those years ago!

The truth is, looking inside sounds simple, and it is, but it isn’t easy! There are lots of fears, limiting beliefs and inner conflicts to overcome, which is almost impossible to do on your own. So, you’ll probably need some expert support and guidance… from someone who knows their way around the inner world of consciousness.

How I Work

I work somatically, which means I encourage my clients to sense into their body as we work on their issues, because feeling (with presence and conscious awareness) is the key to deep healing and transformational growth. Talking is important too, to describe what you are feeling and the situations it may relate to. But it’s important not to dwell too long on things you already know, because the whole point of “inner work” is to discover things about yourself that you don’t already know!

All the parts of yourself that make your life difficult, including reactive behaviours, bad habits, emotional wounds and limiting beliefs, all live within your consciousness. And until you find the courage to face them, you won’t be able to heal them, which means they’ll keep running your life. On the plus side, all the really good stuff, like peace, joy, contentment, strength, bliss and confidence, can all be found inside too. The only reason these wonderful qualities aren’t more active in your life is because they are bound up within your wounded parts.

The good news is that I can help you to free yourself by healing and reintegrating those wounded parts. This activates those missing qualities and liberates more of your potential, so you can live a fuller, freer, more conscious life.

As an experienced practitioner and facilitator, I can support you and guide you on your own journey of self-discovery, healing, growth and transformation. Everyone’s journey is unique, and no one really knows what will come up, but that’s where the beauty lies. When you let go and immerse yourself fully in your present-moment experience, it can take you anywhere and transform you in ways you can’t even imagine.

The power to investigate, heal and transform anything is literally within you, and you can learn the basics in a couple of sessions. Then you can continue to practice on your own, with a supportive partner or regular sessions with me. I bring expertise, experience, a safe and supportive holding space, a deep transformational presence, and my merging ability to help with your inquiries and healing.

So, are you ready to begin your own journey of self-discovery, healing, transformation and holistic wellbeing? Are you ready to improve your life and who you are by investing in the most important thing – your own wellbeing. When you invest in yourself, any progress you make is yours forever, it filters into the lives of those around you, and it serves as the groundwork for the next stage of your development. So, what are you waiting for?

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I use a range of traditional and complementary modalities, including therapeutic counselling, transformational coaching and energy healing to help people with their wellbeing, emotional healing, mental health, personal growth, spiritual awakening and fertility issues. Note: Holistic therapy sessions in Grantham are offered at a discounted rate to support those in my local community.

Lee Bladon

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Lee Bladon Holistic Therapies

Single Therapy Session (Grantham)

1 x 50 minute session can be used for counselling, coaching, energy healing, or any combination of these.

Lee Bladon Holistic Therapies

Single Therapy Session (Zoom)

1 x 50 minute session can be used for counselling, coaching, energy healing, or any combination of these.

Lee Bladon Holistic Therapies

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