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Lee Bladon

Interim Technical Support Manager
BRC, Systems, HACCP & Allergens

Lee Bladon – Interim Technical Support Manager

My name is Lee Bladon and I am a self-employed interim technical manager and consultant who provides interim technical support to the food industry.

I have a first class honours degree in Food Quality Management and Postgraduate Certificates in HACCP and Coaching. I also have over 20 years experience and a proven track record as an interim technical manager and technical consultant in the food industry.

I am experienced in almost every aspect of the food industry from Specifications Technologist to QA Manager to Operations Manager. But I specialise in interim technical support, including HACCP, allergen management, quality management systems, food safety, compliance, BRC auditing, technical services, retailer specification writing, interim management and consultancy.

I have worked as an interim manager or technical consultant for a diverse range of food manufacturers and have experience of many different sectors and food groups including: ready meals, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, fresh cream cakes, meat, seafood, dairy, bakery, snacks, sauces, ingredients, ready-to-eat, ambient, chilled and frozen.

My Clients include: Humdinger, 2 Sisters, Bakkavor, Greencore, Hain Daniels, Premier, Vion, Froneri, Cumbrian Seafoods, Primebake, Uniq, Vale of Mowbray, Pro-Pak and Merck.

Food Interim Technical Manager

I am sensibly overqualified for many of the assignments I undertake, which allows me to “hit the ground running” without the need for long inductions or expensive training courses.

I enjoy the variety, challenge and focus that short-term assignments offer, which helps me be more productive than most permanent employees.

I am a hands-on manager with a pro-active, solution-focused approach. I am also a natural trainer, coach and mentor who likes to bring out the best in others and develop their abilities.

I can provide interim technical management cover for recruitment periods, maternity leave, long-term illness, sudden departures or unexpected absences. I can also provide short-term support to your existing team during intense periods of change, growth or recovery from a poor audit.

I operate through my registered limited company, Lee Bladon Limited (Company No: 11682446).



Not Available

I am not currently available for interim work or technical consultancy.

Operational Area:

I am based in Nottinghamshire but my operational area also includes Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire
and South Yorkshire.

Daily Rates:

£350 to £500 (plus expenses) depending on the type of work and length of contract.

Hire me directly to avoid recruitment agency fees.

Value For Money:

No long-term commitment and no national insurance, income tax, life insurance, health care, pension, bonus, company car, sick pay, holiday pay or redundancy pay.

Interim Technical Manager

Training & Qualifications

My academic and vocational qualifications include:
• BSc Food Quality Management
• PgCert HACCP
• PgCert Coaching
• BRC Food v8 Lead Auditor
• Campden Food Law
• Campden Food Labelling

Interim Technical Support

Technical Services

I offer a range of interim technical support services including:
• Retailer Specification Writing
• Interim Quality / QA Manager
• Technical Management Support
• Quality Management Systems
• HACCP Consultancy
• BRC Food Standard Auditing

Interim Quality Manager

Diverse Experience

I have worked for a diverse range of food manufacturers, and I have experience of most sectors and food groups including: ready meals, meat, seafood, sandwiches, salads, dairy, bakery, fresh cream cakes, sauces, ingredients, ready-to-eat, ambient, chilled and frozen.

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